2022 Roster


By LurkingDog - 7/21/2022

It seems that Drake had a player or two come back from the transfer portal.
A few observations...


Drake has multiple returning quarterbacks who have started games.  Odds favor Ian Corwin to be the #1.

With Cross Robinson's career over, and Caden Meis' transfer to Northern Colorado, the Bulldogs will play some new people at running back.  Doe Boyland should step up after averaging over five yards-per-carry as a part timer last season.  Jun Ahn and Davion Cherwin are back.  Christian Galvan, a former walk-on at a Pac-12 team, may also be able to contribute.

Ross Palmer is the best of the returning offensive linemen.  That's not saying much.

Brandon Langdok and Colin Howard are good receivers. Can anyone get them the ball?  Grad student Matt Hartlieb will probably be the starting tight end.

Defense/Special Teams

At linebacker, Ryan Kriceri and Linden Howe are returning. LB might have the most depth of any position.

Almost a total rebuild on the D-line.  Jake Hoper, who transferred to Indiana State, will be especially missed.

It will be good to see Danny Morales and Joey Lukrich back in the secondary.  Some new faces will be joining them, including Nathan De Bruin (presumably at the bottom of the depth chart).  NDB apparently lost the place kicking job.  The new kicker might be Luke Williams, who has joined DU from Minnesota State.  Shane Dunning will do the punting.  Morales has been the team's best kick returner.


Kirk Wherritt and Steve Flynn are notable departures from the staff.  It's not clear who will be running the offense this season.