More conference realignment coming?


By DUBulldog - 6/30/2022

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Bulldog2323 - 7/19/2022
It wouldn't surprise me at all to hear in the next couple of months the NCAA has a plan to stop conference expansion and maybe even reduce the Big Ten/SEC down a few teams. Whether or not it would actually happen is another question entirely, but personally I would like to see a limit of 12 teams per conference.

The major conferences will eventually break away from the NCAA according to all the “experts”

If they do, they might want to take a look at open-wheel racing's history and what's currently happening with the PGA Tour/LIV. No one wins in those situations. Rather than some making more money everyone loses everything. Greed will come back to bite.

eh, they could also look at the Premier League, where they kept all the money.  LIV/PGA Tour is also currently working as a windfall to the actual golfers, and is a terrible comparison to the NCAA (it's a non-economic actor trying to buy individual players, not a collection of the top 30-40 teams deciding their fates collectively).  The PGA tour is promising new, giant dollar events to keep the players around.  How is this a bad outcome for the participants?  

NCAAF isn't like the major pro sports or like NCAA basketball - the conferences already control their own revenue and their playoffs.  The NCAA hasn't had any real control over football for a very, very long time.  The biggest 40 programs are going to continue to chart their own path.

There is an awful lot of fantasy in this thread about the supposed power of the NCAA and the tie of fans to its name.  The reality is the minnows have no power in football.  The best they can hope for is continued games against the SEC and Big Ten