How would rate the 21-22 season?


By DUlawdog - 3/25/2022

I curious what other fans think of the past year. It was odd. We ended up winning 25 games, which is amazing. But somehow, it still feels like we allowed some amazing opportunities slip by. I'd have to say that in the end, they met expectations in wins and finishing in the top 3, but somehow I thought they'd at least get the NIT this year. 
By True Blue - 3/27/2022

This is an interesting question just because expectations probably varied for a lot of us. Also, it depends on how we define expectations...Is it our minimum expectations, the least we expected out of them this year? Or is it based on what we predicted this season would look like going into it. I can tell you those two teams look pretty different for me. If its the former, I would say they met/slightly outperformed expectations. If its the latter, I would say they were slightly under/failed expectations. All things considered, regardless of the metric I use, I still consider it a great season. 25 wins is nothing to sneeze at and a far cry better than anything Pre-DRock for a long time.