FBS transfers to Pioneer


By LurkingDog - 8/19/2021

The league's two best returning players this fall, Robert Washington and Vaughn Taylor Jr., both came from FBS teams. 

More recently, the latest recruiting classes include more former FBS guys coming to San Diego, Valpo, and Dayton.  Valpo now has a tight end who played in 17 games at Wake Forest.

Any thoughts on why Drake is not part of this trend?
By LurkingDog - 8/20/2021

DawgsRus1132 - 8/20/2021
Slow your roll... Robert Washington is a very talented player but let's not go overboard.... He played Butler 2x and Morehead St which had the worst rushing Def in the Pioneer league 8th worst in all FCS

As the league's Player of the Year last spring, he's the one who is rolling.