Prediction for conference season


By SOSublime - 12/23/2019

Did our win over Air Force change anything? I know it wasn't a win against a top 100 team or anything but it helped restore my confidence in the coach and the team slightly. 
By DUBulldog - 12/14/2019

Non-conference season is just about done.  Where do you see the 'dogs finishing this season?
By hamlox - 12/23/2019

The Valley is ranked 11th out of 32 in conferences.  From top to bottom, with only UNi in the top 100 in the Valley, seven of the teams are in the upper half at 165 or better (353 teams)... the remaining three teams are around 200.

Not in condition, still recovering from his injury, or understandably dealing with more important responsibilities, TM's return clearly changed the offensive chemistry when he was immediately put in the starting lineup.  if TM returns this year, I'd like to see him gradually get minutes in the rotation. 

Drake might not be the tallest team, but they are playing big defensively.  Robbins allows the other four to extend the defense.  Liam had four blocks, but probably adjusted another hand-full.  Loving his development, let's hope he can be aggressive and not get in foul trouble.  Not to go unnoticed, AP has done a nice job on both ends of the floor with his backup minutes. 

Looking at the schedule, and taking injuries in to account with other teams, the first few games are favorable to get a jump start.  Drake will be heading to Bradley, who is minus Childs; Indiana St., who is playing well, comes to Des Moines as does Loyola (possibly not at 100%); Going to Valpo against Freeman-Liberty isn't going to be easy, but is winnable. 

From top to bottom so much parity in the Valley.  Nothing new, turnovers and free throws will be the difference.

If the confidence continues from Roman and Noah, and avoid the injuries, I'm confident Drake will be competing at the top.


By dog67 - 12/23/2019

Now that we have won a game and everyone is excited, again, and have stopped criticizing Penn, I have a few comments.

Before the Dayton game I posted that one of the things that the Bulldogs have to do is hold on to the ball, especially Liam.  Liam reminds me of Enevold.....he has hard hands and has trouble holding on to the ball, whether it's a pass or a rebound or going up for a shot in a crowd. He has to tighten up his grip on the ball. Now, in the same breath (I think that's better than saying "that being said," DUB), I don't know where we'd be without him right now.

Noah has to get his passing under control. He forces a lot of passes and rushes them, as well. He is not anticipating where the defender is going to be when he makes many of his passes. He has to start looking at it like a chess game....i.e., what will the opponent do if I make that pass. He needs to anticipate the defense. Now, in the same breath, it's my opinion that Noah is our best all around player....a good shooter, a great defender, a terrific ball handler and has great speed. I'd love him in the game as much as possible.

I don't know if anyone noticed, but on almost every three point shot that Air Force took, there is no one within two feet of the shooter. Check it out if there is a replay of the game somewhere. That has to be eliminated. In their defense, it seems to be a common trait for most teams at every level; high school, college and pros. I don't get it. Is there too much helping out, thus leaving your man open on the perimeter? Don't coaches see this? Man, stay on your man.

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year to Drake Nation.
By SOSublime - 12/23/2019

I disagree that Liam's hands are as bad as Enevold's. Yes he misses some passes and does occasionally lose it when going up but if I'm remembering correctly, JE did that A Lot more. He touches the ball a lot, he's bound to lose it once in a while. Sure he could tighten up but I just don't think he's anywhere as bad as JE was about it.

Noah's awesome, I agree.

AP, he's been doing really well on defense and had a nice cut to the basket yesterday.

I agree with the 3-point defense, I think part of it yesterday was not expecting their big guy (the IA guy) to shoot so many threes. Either way, both Liam and AP need to make sure they're putting their hands up when a guy shoots, both of them been caught standing with their hands at their sides a few too many times.
By Mc Bulldog - 12/23/2019

Air Force thought they be tough guys .. their Coach should have been T'd up as well as  several Falcon players at various times, especially the corkchucker who tripped and pushed Liam down.  That game, I believe, is more of game changer than any other game so far this season in terms of the learning curve being hammered home. That was a tough a-s-s, hard fought game, a real confidence buliding game. 

Once DJ gets 100% back on track, have Katy bar that honk'n door, handcuff DUB's keyster and make him cry for a stricter disciplining that he enjoys so much.  Okay?
By Mc Bulldog - 12/23/2019

Oh ... my point is, Bulldogs take care of the Pig Farmers and anything is possible. 
By zman - 12/23/2019

You're seriously comparing Liam's hands to Enevolds?  Liam is so much more skilled as a Sophomore than Enevold ever was.  I have no idea what you are watching out there.  Yes, Saturday gave me a lot more hope.  Obviously makes a difference when you make almost 50% from 3 like we did on Saturday.  I truly believe Penn has many games like this left in him.  We got spoiled by Norton coming in as a grad transfer guy who just took complete ownership of the team last year.  By the accounts of many on this board Penn was the best player on the team last year in practice.  Maybe Coach and him had a talk and he told him to quit deferring so much.  He's really smooth, and I think he's going to need to be a little more selfish going forward.  This team needs a leader, as we are so young.  Pig farmers look to be the class of the league but as McBull said, if we can take care of them anything is possible. The Valley is a 1 bid league.  You just need to be peaking at the right time.  Finish in the top 3, which I definitely think is possible and maybe draw the Pink Panthers in St Louis in the finals.  
By Mc Bulldog - 12/23/2019

You know, the only thing that counts is the final score and the Dogs have only p-issed down their leg 1 time vs. Miami OH. I really wish they had a do over in that game. The cog that will put this team over the top is wearing # 0. As fans, we need the zero to become a hero! BAM SHOCK-A LOCK-A! 
By Bulldog4life24 - 12/23/2019

Disagree strongly on Liam. 1 - we ask him to be so much more mobile than JE ever had to be. 2 - Liam’s a sophomore. For a guy who barely saw the floor before his senior year of HS, I’m buying that stock.

Agree on 3 point D. I think as we improve on size next year and after, we’ll be able to push the perimeter more and help less off the weak side, thus leaving open skip and quick rotation shots. Not having at least 1 or 2 More guys over 6’5” limits some of what you can pressure, imo
By Drakey - 12/23/2019

Liam is going to be the best post player in the conference.
By Lime - 12/23/2019

Liam's turnover %:

FR: 14.2%
SO: 15.2%

Enevold's turnover %:

FR: 21.5%
SO: 25.9%
JR: 21.9%
SR: 31.5%

Offensive/Defensive Efficiency:


FR: 100.8/94.4
SO: 98.7/86.3


FR: 98.7/104.2
SO: 97.3/111.0
JR: 112.6/106.4
SR: 103.4/109.9

Liam is better defensively than Enevold ever was, Enevold was a better FT shooter by the end (Liam has improved this year). Liam shoots too many 3s but can at least hit them, Enevold never attempted one. Enevold was a better finisher at the rim, Liam has gotten better this year (was sub-50% on 2s last year), if he can improve that he will be much better than Enevold ever was. Robbins is better than McGlynn was at this point in his career, real question is whether he can improve the remaining aspects of his game.

By DUBulldog - 12/23/2019

Yeah, I don't see any similarity between Robbins' ability to catch the ball and Enevold's.  Liam can catch the ball on the run, Enevold had a hard time catching it standing still with nobody near him.

Would be curious to see a comparison between Liam as a frosh/soph vs McGlynn's first two seasons.

Also agree on Liam. For a guy who wasn’t recruited at all you cant teach size and he actually has a really soft touch on his shot way better than Enevold. If he gets stronger and tougher look out.
By Dawg_tired - 12/23/2019

Why is this even a question.  Liam is 1005 BETTER.
By DUlawdog - 12/23/2019

Sorry, but comparing Liam to JE is maybe the worst comparison ever done on this board. In my 35+years of watching college basketball, I'm not sure I've seen worse hands than JE. Great competitor and good guy, so I don't want to rag on him. But he had frying pans for hands. Liam is MILES away from that. 

Anyway, that craziness out of the way. I agree that T. Murphy wasn't ready to come back and it bled into the team. This team can feed off of Penn and Liam. I'm feeling good about this team after having seeing them play. We'll see how it goes...
By Mc Bulldog - 12/24/2019

... and Tone too, they already were. And of course, they always feed off Sam, Sam Jones, okay?
By Coach - 12/24/2019

Tempo is an unreliable stat. Houston Baptist is #1 in the country in Tempo...they are 0-11. There arent enough “data points” on our shooting to draw meaningful conclusions. If a player is 1 for 4 from 3 point line (25%) but then goes 2-2 in the next game he becomes a 50% 3 point shooter, one of the best around! All the pre season stats are dicey....i wouldnt get too excited about anyof them, good or bad.

Ps. Played golf yesterday in Iowa. December 23rd.
By Drakey - 12/24/2019

Coach - 12/24/2019
Tempo is an unreliable stat. Houston Baptist is #1 in the country in Tempo...they are 0-11. There arent enough “data points” on our shooting to draw meaningful conclusions. If a player is 1 for 4 from 3 point line (25%) but then goes 2-2 in the next game he becomes a 50% 3 point shooter, one of the best around! All the pre season stats are dicey....i wouldnt get too excited about anyof them, good or bad.Ps. Played golf yesterday in Iowa. December 23rd.

Sounds like a 50% shooter to me.
By Mc Bulldog - 12/24/2019

Drakey, batch slapp'n Coach's narative! DANG!

By Coach - 12/24/2019

Sorry, i tried to keep the statistical analysis at An elementary school level so Mc Bulldog and others could follow. Guess it was still too complicated.
By Mc Bulldog - 12/24/2019

Apology accepted! I understood your point exactly, even though Drakey pointed out how elementary it was. Stick up for your heritage, your honor and dignity. Don't let Drakey embarrass and put you down like that. COME ON MAN! 
By Mc Bulldog - 12/24/2019

Honestly Coach, I get what you are saying! The next 4 or 5 games will really start peel the skin from the fruit. 
By Mc Bulldog - 12/25/2019

Looks like an injured player, on the next opponents roster, has a parent who claims that injured player told the parent they would be back for the Drake game. Gamesmanshipdeluxola or truth? 

By Coach - 12/25/2019

Actually, if you look at the Missouri Valley statistics, Drake shows up in the middle or near the top in almost every category. For good or for bad, I guess! I have tried to watch all of the teams as they play their preseason games on ESPN. It looks like a lot of parity. However, UNI Stands out as far as I can tell. When you look at them statistically though, they don’t seem to be that remarkable. I guess that’s why we play the games?