Upper Iowa @ Drake (Exhibition)


By Lime - 10/31/2019

They're the only NCAA Division II school in the state of Iowa. The Peacocks went 7–22 last year.

Looking at their schedule for last year, they appear to play at a fairly fast tempo, lots of 95–80 type losses. They lost an exhibition to UNI, 82–63, if you want a DI baseline comparison.

Coach is former UNI guard Brooks McKowen.
By Bulldog2323 - 11/5/2019

Mc Bulldog - 11/5/2019
Maybe it was 8 - 10 weeks after surgery, when was the surgery?

I stand corrected. It was Ernst. https://twitter.com/MatthewBain_/status/1187507019177254918

It was 8-10 weeks from media day. The Thanksgiving Tournament would be 6 weeks. If you follow the Kansas City Chiefs and/or Patrick Mahomes you know players can always heal faster than standard time frames.