2020 prospect Jeremiah Oden


By Dawg_tired - 9/11/2019

He picked up an offer yesterday from UNCG.  I had to look them up.  University of North Carolina Greensboro.  They play in the Southern Conference
By Drakey - 9/11/2019

Oden belongs at Drake. Perfect fit.
By DUBulldog - 7/26/2019

Offered by Drake today

6'8" forward, originally from Chicago.  Now at Sunrise Christian in Wichita
By Dawg_tired - 9/18/2019

Offered by Minnesota
By Mc Bulldog - 5/2/2020

Young man claims will announce where he is going at 7 PM CT this evening.
By Dawg_tired - 5/2/2020

He won't be announcing he's coming to Drake.
By DUBulldog - 5/2/2020

Yeah, I’m not sure if we’ve even been actively recruiting him for the last several months
By DUBulldog - 5/2/2020

I'm guessing Wyoming.
By tdawg62 - 5/2/2020

DUBulldog - 5/2/2020
I'm guessing Wyoming.

You are right 
By Mc Bulldog - 5/2/2020

Young man sold he was one & done. He did not show great listening skills and is now in the coach's grave yard league. MW is the most overrated league ...