W S J College Rankings


By Big Dipper - 9/6/2018

The Wall Street Journal just published their annual rankings of the top 500 colleges/universities in the country
  Drake was ranked 178  Certainly not the Harvard of the Heartland but at least in the top 40 %

Let's see if we can break the top 100 next year 

By Big Dipper - 9/6/2018

tdawg62 - 9/6/2018
Lime - 9/6/2018
#184...which is similar to Forbes (#191), that also does one list instead of multiple categories  like US News.

been higher (top 150) in the past in both lists in recent years...think there isn't a huge gap between 100 and 200.


There are 2618 four year colleges  and universities in the U S. Drake is in the top 10 percent.

I thought that I  hadmentioned that the WSJ rankings were among the top 500 schools