2019 Prospect Charles Manning Jr. (JUCO Fr.)


By DUBulldog - 7/14/2018

He's picked up several other mid-major offers in the past few days.  
By UrbyJT - 5/23/2018

Another FSW CC guy



By DUBulldog - 9/27/2018

Received an offer from LSU today
By Lime - 9/27/2018

of the Florida SW guys, Manning seems like the best prospect other than Tremell Murphy. Probably a tough get, although you'd think Richter + 3 of his ex-teammates here would help.

2 of Manning/Hernandez/Arop seems like a great end to the recruiting class for the fall, with then adding someone in spring if there are any departures.
By DUBulldog - 9/27/2018

Agree with you Lime....2 of those 3 would be great.
By UrbyJT - 10/22/2018

Committed to LSU.