Record applications for fall 2018 (up 23.4%)


By Lime - 3/5/2018

Hope this translates into better matriculation since Drake has had some enrollment issues in recent years.


Just imagine what happens when Niko takes our basketball team to the NCAAs in upcoming years.
By Lime - 3/5/2018

Big Dipper - 3/5/2018
Great news -Drake is definitely doing something right to get all of those applications---  Extremely encouraging but in the end it is the admission yield ( the percentage of those accepted that actually attend ) that really counts

Yeah, that will need to go up. Despite the slight uptick from 2016–17 (quick math says they went from around 4,750 applicants to 5,340 applicants by early March) the actual class was slightly smaller and well below Drake's stated goals.